National Peanut Butter Day

January 24th, USA

Source: The National Peanut Board

This is the first peanut butter based holiday celebrated in the U.S. The second one is called National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day, celebrated on March 1st.

Peanut butter goes well with any snack; bananas, apples, chocolate, carrots, celery, crackers and much more.

Peanut butter food paste / spread has been enjoyed since the 19th century but can be traced all the way back to about 1500 B.C. when Incas ground peanuts down to make a paste which they ate and also added to drinks.

In 1884, Edson invented a process to make peanut paste from milling roasted peanuts between two heated plates.

In 1985, the famous breakfast cereal maker, Kellogg, patented a process using raw peanuts.

In 1903, Dr. Straub patented a peanut butter making.

In 1922, Joseph Rosefield invented a process to keep peanut oil from separating from the peanut solids. (Side note: the separation is now considered a sign of healthy nut butter with natural oils and not over processed). He later sold the patent to a company started to make Peter Pan peanut butter. Later, Rosefield  went into business selling Skippy peanut butter.