For the Retail Store Owner

Investment profit Return

350g Peanut Butter - Sell Price per jar : $9.00
Less cost of Peanuts @ $6 per kg : $2.10
Less cost of container + overheads : $2.40
Gross Profit $ per jar sale : $4.50
Gross Profit % per jar sale : 50%
Projection Based on ONLY selling Peanut Butter
Estimated sales volume jars per day – year 1 : 10
Trading Days per week : 7
Gross profit per day : $45
Gross profit per week : $315
Gross profit per year
(peanut butter sales ONLY):
Annual Sales: $32,760.00
Annual Gross Profit: $16,380.00
Gross Profit %: 50%
Annual Equipment Cost
(financed @ $30 per week)
Annual Return on Investment: $31,200.00
Annual Sales per square metre approx.
(Floor space required 50cm x 70cm)

*GST Excluded. Based on 52 weeks. Guide only

Customise your

Nut Butter Mill

with your brand colour


We understand that as a business owner your time is precious, so we are in the process of creating unique merchandising experiences, tailored to your store.

Just think, recyclable jars your clients can fill and refill, again and again, branded with your stores details for repeat business and planet sustainability!

Check in with us to see what we have coming soon ….